To help make sure you get the most of your time abroad, it is important to sleep well. However, for some, that could be a tall order. Whether it’s the separation from your bed and usual sleeping habits, or the rush and excitement that can come with traveling, it can be hard to fall asleep at night.
Here are some tips to help you sleep better at night, so you can get back to enjoying your vacation abroad during the day!

Try to maintain some sort of schedule

While you may not want to hold yourself to much of a schedule while on vacation, doing so could work wonders on your sleep schedule. If you make it a point to get up and go to bed at roughly the same time every day, you will have an easier time waking up and falling asleep. This is especially helpful if you are off on a long vacation.

Book safe accommodations

When looking at accommodations for your trip be sure to look at reviews and see what people have to say about the safety of the building and the area. If you do not feel safe in the area you are staying, chances are you will have a harder time sleeping at night.

Pack a travel sleep set

A simple travel sleep set can be a life saver while you are away from home. There are tons out there on the market, or you can make your own! All you need to pack is a pair of ear plugs, a sleep mask, and a neck pillow. This will help immensely if you are traveling on a long flight or train. This way you can comfortably catch some extra shut eye before reaching your destination. It can also be handy once you get to your accommodations. If the walls are thin, or you are sharing a room with a snorer, the earbuds will be a saviour, similarly the eye mask can help if too much light leaches into your room.

Bring a hypoallergenic pillowcase

If you suffer from allergies it is a good idea to pack a hypoallergenic pillowcase cover. It won’t take up too much room in your bag, but it can be a life saver in hotels, hostels and Airbnbs. Some places may fill their pillows will down, which can trigger allergies, making sleeping restfully a tall order. A hypoallergenic pillow case can help protect you from a potential reaction. It is also helpful if the cleanliness of the room is not up to your standards, giving you a barrier between you and the pillow.

Put on some lavender hand cream before bed

Lavender has a very calming sent, and it can be a great natural sleep aid. By putting on lavender hand cream before bed, you will not only wake up with soft hands, but you will also be able to take advantage of its relaxing aromatherapy properties. This will help you to fall asleep easier and have a more restful night’s sleep, allowing you to enjoy the following day to the fullest!

Pre-adjust to the new time-zone

If you are flying somewhere that is outside of your usual time-zone, adjusting while vacationing can be difficult. So, it is beneficial to get yourself acclimatized to the new time-zone before you get there, that way you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Depending on the time-zone, adjust your sleep schedule to either go to bed a little later or earlier, that way your body will get into a rhythm before you get there. Additionally, you can switch your watch to the new time as soon as you get on the plane.