4 Alberta Destinations Worth a Winter Visit

Do you love winter weather and all the fun winter activities that come along with it? If so, you’ll love Alberta from October to March. As a general rule, visiting Alberta in the wintertime is a great way to experience the province’s natural beauty without having to fight through too many crowds. Here are four Alberta destinations worth a winter visit.

1. For Lovers of the Great Outdoors

With a population density of a sparse 5.7 people per square kilometre, Alberta has a lot of empty terrain. Although a lot of this land is prairie and farmland, the western part of the province boasts an enormous mountain chain – The Canadian Rockies.

These mountains are home to a smattering of tourist towns that cater to people looking to head out into the mountains in the summer or winter. If you love nature, want to visit a glacier or simply hope to relax at the hot springs, the Canadian Rockies are worth a winter visit.

2. For Shoppers

Calling all mall-rats and shopaholics! Alberta boasts the largest shopping mall in North America. Because the mall includes a hotel, both casual and more formal dining options and almost any form of entertainment you can imagine, it’s possible to spend an entire vacation at the West Edmonton Mall without having to step foot outside.

Got kids? On-site amusement park and water parks mean you can enjoy a day at one of the many spas. If you want an activity for the whole family, you can play mini-putt, go skating or see a movie.

3. For the Dinosaur Enthusiast

Does your family love dinosaurs? If so, you must visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology and climb the steps of the World’s Largest Dinosaur this winter. Drumheller is a major tourist centre in Alberta during the summer months with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting the small town of 8,000. The lines are long, the roads congested and the experience somewhat diminished.

However, come wintertime, the museum is almost empty, allowing you almost free range to take in any exhibit and ask questions until closing time. And the dinosaur? He gets a bit lonely in the winter without many visitors, making the Dinosaur Capital of the World the perfect Alberta destination worth a winter visit.

4. For the Sporty Folks

Alberta in the wintertime has no shortage of sporty activities. In Calgary, one of the 1988 Olympic facilities was turned into a winter fun zone, complete with ski hill, bobsled track and tubing area. Winsport is open all winter and is quite affordable for individuals – or entire families – to visit. Being within city limits means you won’t have to drive too far to get your winter sports fix.

Whether you live nearby or far away, whether you like shopping or sports, or whether your budget is small or large, Alberta has something for you. In a province filled with culture, nature and lots of winter activities, these four Alberta destinations are worth a winter visit.