5 Tips For A Smoother Airport Experience

It’s finally that time of the year when you can jet off and relax in a tropical climate, but first you have to get through the airport. Airports can be chaotic, busy and sometimes stressful-but they don’t have to be. There are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth, stress-free beginning to your trip.

1.Check-in Online

Start your airport experience from the comfort of your own home by using online check in. This time efficient piece of technology allows you to start the process 24 hours before your flights departure, so that all you need to worry about at the airport is dropping off your checked luggage.

Many airlines, including Air Canada, Westjet, American Airlines and British Airways, offer an app which will prompt you when check in opens, as well as make any amendments to your booking and keep you in the loop about any changes or delays.

2.Be Time Conscious

When travelling, it is always better to have too much time than too little. Whether you’re leaving early for the drive to the airport, making sure you have enough time to get checked in, or preparing for those long security lines, be realistic about any unexpected issues that could slow you down.

Similarly, keep an eye on the flight information boards- they will let you know which gate you should be at, how long you have until boarding finishes, and notify you about unexpected delays or cancellations.

3.Be Prepared For Security

These days we’re all well aware of how important it is to have strong security checks in place when going through the airport, but it can take up a lot of your time if you aren’t prepared. Make sure that you are only carrying liquids that are 100ml and under, and are placed in resealable transparent bags. Save time by having these out of your hand luggage before you reach the beginning of the line.

Similarly be prepared to remove any shoes with thick soles, belts, keys and money from your pockets and laptops from their cases. The more prepared you are, the speedier your entire experience will be.

4.Bring Snacks

While many airports have a great food offering, you might find yourself searching for a snack and faced with higher than average airport prices. A great way to save some cash and makes sure you’re prepared incase unexpected hunger strikes is to have some non perishable snacks on hand. Granola bars, fruit and crackers or chips are usually a good go to.

If you’re travelling with kids, or someone with dietary preferences, bringing your own snacks can also save a lot of hassle.

5.Prepare For Delays

Delays can pop up at the last minute and leave you unexpectedly stranded in the airport for hours at a time. Whether you’re travelling alone, or with the kids, it’s always a good idea to have some back up supplies in your hand luggage just in case- think books, activity booklets and portable media players. They can additionally serve as inflight entertainment too.


The airport doesn’t always have to be stressful. Instead, think of it as the beginning of your adventure. Give yourself enough time to relax, grab a drink, make sure you are protected against any unexpected mishaps beyond the airport experience with a solid travel insurance policy, and enjoy thinking of the exciting things coming your way.