7 tips for combating the post-vacation blues

Planning for a vacation is a lot of work. You ensure that your flight and accommodations are booked, your travel insurance is acquired, your sightseeing planned, and your bags packed. But, how do you plan for coming back, and adjusting to real life again? With the high of traveling and being on a vacation, coming back home can make for a hard adjustment period. Here are some tips to help you combat the post-vacation blues when you come back from an amazing time away.

Ensure you have something to look forward to

Before you leave for your trip, be sure to plan something fun for when you get back. Coming back from an amazing vacation is hard, but having something to look forward when you are home again can help. Whether it is a concert, a friend’s birthday, sporting event, or the release of a new book, do something that will give you joy, and take your mind off the end of your vacation.

Take time to decompress

When you get back from your trip, it is important to compress and take some time to yourself, especially if it was an action-packed time away. When planning the dates for your getaway, try to position it in a way that you still get a day or two off work before having to go back. This lets you get some much-needed sleep, recover from any jet lag, and reflect on your vacation.

Unpack your things

When you come back, do not put off unpacking your things. The longer you prolong unpacking the harder it’ll be to get back into the swing of things. Looking at the bags from your trip will do nothing to lift your spirits. Not to mention, taking the time to unpack will give you something to do, and hopefully take your mind off of having to be back at work in a day or two.

Get back into your normal routine

One of the best things you can do for yourself post vacation, is to get yourself back into your regular routine. After taking some time to decompress and rest, it is best to unpack, do your laundry, and start getting back into the swing of things. Go to the grocery store, clean your house, take a look at your finances, or whatever other chores you need to get done. Also, get back into your lifestyle, if you are an active person get back to the gym, if you are a social butterfly take some time to hang out with friends. The quicker you get back into your pre-vacation routine, the easier it’ll be to acclimatize to being back and get back to work.

Integrate your experiences into your everyday life

To help keep some of the magic alive, try to integrate some of the trip into your everyday life. Whether you begin to employ ideas and experiences you picked up on your travels, or add your physical souvenirs into your life, you’ll have a friendly reminder of your time away. Taking up a hobby that you learned abroad, adding a keychain to your ring, or setting your work computer background to your favorite photographed memory can add an element of your vacation into your everyday life.

Get photos printed

In the age of smartphones, chances are you have more photos than you know what to do with. A good way to reflect on your trip and look back on the memories is to go through your photos and print them out. By printing them out and putting them in an album you are able to look back on your trip whenever you want, and have a physical memento of your time away!

Start planning the next one

And finally, the best way to combat post-vacation blue? Start planning the next one! Once you have the travel bug, it is hard to get over it. By sitting down and start looking at options for the next getaway, you can work on looking forward to the next adventure instead of dwelling on the end of the last one.