7 tips for getting through airport security faster

Going through airport security is just another aspect of flying. Everyone has to do it, and yes, sometimes it can be time consuming and frustrating. Thankfully however, there are some things you can do to help speed up the process.

Know the rules ahead of time

When it comes to airport security, there are a number of rules that must be followed. These may differ from country to country, so it is important to know the airline rules for the places you are travelling.

Have your documents ready

To help speed up the process of going through airport security, be sure to have all your documents ready on hand or easily accessible. A good tip is to remember to put your passport, boarding pass, and any other forms of identification or documents in your personal bag. When getting close to security have your documents ready in hand to avoid having to scramble for them in your bag.

Check oversized bags

To avoid having to go through the whole security process all over again, make to check any baggage that is bigger than the allotted carry-on size. Sometimes travelers feel like they can risk going a bit over the size or weight limit, but unfortunately that can result in baggage being denied and costing large amounts of time.

Put all carry-on liquids in 100ml bottles

To help ensure that your bag goes through security quickly and easily, be sure to keep any liquids to 100ml or under. Additionally, keep all liquids together in a reusable clear bag. Many airlines require you to take out liquids while going through security, so it is best to have them in an easily accessible area of your carry-on.

Become a trusted traveler

If you travel often, it is worth your while to become a CATSA Trusted Traveler. This will help you get through security faster as you will be pre-approved. According to the CATSA website, those who are eligible for Trusted Traveler include:

·   Members of NEXUS and Global Entry programs

·   Currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces and U.S. military, including reservists, all with valid ID (no uniform required)

·   Canadian aircrew and airport workers with Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAICs)

·   International aircrew in uniform with valid airline ID

·   Those accompanying these trusted travellers on the same flight

Be smart with your attire

When getting dressed to go to the airport, think critically about your outfit. Most airports require you to take off your shoes and belts when going through security. By picking out an outfit that does not require a belt and by wearing shoes that are easy to get on and off, you will be able to get through the line a little faster.

Be patient and friendly

Above all, the best thing you can do when going through security, is to be patient and friendly. Airport security is something that everyone needs to go through and you might as well go through it with a positive attitude. To help ensure that you will get through the airport with plenty of time to catch your flight, arrive early and keep a cool head throughout the process.