Can I get travel insurance for multiple people?

Whether you’re packing up the car and taking a road trip down to the US, or you’re flying further afield for your summer vacation, when it comes to travelling it is important that everyone in your group is protected with a good travel insurance policy. However, taking out individual policies can be both time consuming and expensive-especially if you’re travelling with lot of people. We investigated what options are on offer.

Why does my group need travel insurance?

It may be tempting to pass up on the insurance, especially if you’re already out of pocket after footing the bill for the vacation of a lifetime, however it could be your biggest regret. If you or a member of your party finds yourself in an unfortunate accident, or suddenly becoming ill, outside of Canada you won’t be protected by your provincial healthcare, and those medical bills can really add up.

Plus, travel insurance will provide extra coverage for any hotel or flight cancellations, and your belongings and bags, just incase anything goes awry.

Travel insurance for couples

Are you heading off on a romantic getaway with your other half? Then chances are the logistics of your travel insurance policy aren’t top of your list. However, did you know that you could be making some savings and streamlining the details of your trip by getting a policy that covers both you and your partner in one go?

Most travel insurance companies will allow you and your domestic partner to be listed on the same plan, categorised as family members. You may be required to provide some kind of documentation to prove that you live together, or are married, if you make a claim.

If you and your partner don’t live together, and are unmarried, then you may not be able to be listed on the same plan. Insurers tend to want those listed on a family plan to live in the same house or have some defining familial ties. Be aware that if you manage to get a shared policy, only one of you will be sent paperwork and financial returns if you make a claim.

Travel insurance for kids

Whether you’re heading out on your annual camping trip or taking the kids to Disneyland, you never know what mischief your little monkeys could end up in. Make sure you keep them safe with a good plan, just incase they end up with more than scraped knees. Luckily, insuring your children can actually be inexpensive-especially if you have already invested in an insurance policy for yourself. Many insurers are happy to provide travel insurance for kids for free, whether they’re travelling with their parents, guardians or grandparents.

If you would rather take out an individual policy for your child, for example if they have a pre-existing medical condition that would require some additional coverage, then determine whether it is worth taking out a single or annual trip policy. If your child has a year filled with exciting adventures ahead, chances are you will get more bang for your buck with an annual policy.

Similarly, kids can also be included in a family plan, which can cover everyone in your household and be used for either a single trip or as part of an annual policy.

Travel insurance for groups

Are you heading off for an international tournament with your sports team? Or perhaps you and your high school friends are celebrating your history with a big trip? Many insurers actually offer group packages for large parties- ranging from three to ten or more people.

Group policies will offer the same coverage as your standard policy, and are also customizable to suit your every need. The only thing to consider is if someone in your party has a pre existing medical condition, in which case it will be better if they take out their own individual policy.

One of the biggest benefits of a group policy is that you can score a nice discount. Insurers are willing to offer a lower price, because it actually ends up being pretty lucrative for them if everyone in your party is insured.

Whether your insurer offers a discount, and how much coverage they can offer to your group varies from company to company, so shop around and see what deals are on offer.