How are Travel Insurance Claims Filed in Canada

It is something that nobody wants to have happen, but sometimes unfortunate situations occur while on vacation, such as flight cancellations, lost baggage, or even illness and injury. This is why there is travel insurance, which can protect you from paying for health care or other services out of pocket, and providing assistance in the event of a canceled flight or lost baggage. If you do find yourself in one of the above situations, and need to put forth a travel insurance claim, you may be asking yourself how it is you go about doing so. Here is a helpful guide as to how to file travel insurance claims in Canada. 

The Process

It is always best to contact your assistance company as soon as possible, especially if it is a medical claim as they can provide advice and guidance on where it is best to get help and start your case while you are seeking treatment. If it is a medical emergency always call emergency services first. When beginning the claims process it is important to do so as soon as possible and get all necessary documentation organized to help speed up the process. Depending on the nature of your claim, this documentation can include: original or scanned versions of your boarding passes, your hotel receipts, any itemized bills that supports your claim, and any medical records of any procedure performed. If something happens to you while abroad, it is important to keep every form of documentation you receive. It's best to error on the side of caution and keep everything as it is better to have too much documentation than not enough. It is also a good idea to photocopy your documentation to you retain a copy for your records.

When you are ready to make your claim, pick your preferred method of contacting your insurer to get the process rolling. Once you have gotten ahold of an agent, explain what happened and answer all questions in as much detail as possible and with as much accuracy that you can. You will then need to fill out and sign the appropriate claim forms and send them to your agent for processing along with the documentation you compiled from your trip. If there is any further documentation needed, your agent will contact you.

From there your agent will take care of processing the claim and will contact you if anything else is needed on your end, and when the process is complete.  

Claim methods

In the event that you need to file a claim, there are multiple ways that you can go about doing so. Most providers offer claims services through traditional post mail, and over-the-phone, as well as email and through their company website. 

In the ever-evolving world of technology, some providers have even developed smartphone apps that allow you to begin claims, and do much more, all from your phone. 

PrimeLink TravelAid™ mobile app

For PrimeLink customers, there is a handy TravelAid™ mobile app that comes complementary with all policies. The TravelAid™ mobile app is available on both the Google Play and the App store, and allows customers to easily and seamlessly file claims with 24/7 immediate support. Above and beyond filing claims, the app also provides users with important emergency travel information, such emergency phone numbers that are local to your travel destination and GPS locators to the nearest medical and treatment facilities. With the app you also gain access to helpful travel tips, and updates on travel advisories to help ensure you have the safest trip possible.