How to stay active on vacation

If you an active person on a regular basis, not only are staying healthy and safe a high priority while vacationing, but chances are you’ll also want to stay on top of your regular fitness routine in some fashion. Luckily there are still ways that you can be active while on vacation, even though you are away from your usual gym and fitness amenities. Here are some tips to help you keep on top of your fitness while away on vacation!

Walk as much as possible

Throw on your most comfortable runners and walk, walk, walk. Instead of taking public transportation, taxis, or ride-shares everywhere, walk to your destination. Not only is it a good way to stay fit while you are on your vacation, it is also a great way to see the sites. And depending on your vacation destination, for example the bustling city of New York, it may even be the quickest option to get around.

Take the stairs

Much like you would at home, opt to take the stairs whenever possible. Much like with choosing to walk over other forms of transportation, it is a great form of exercise and provides a unique perspective to various sightseeing activates! Heading to the Eiffel Tower? Take it as a challenge and walk up. It’s a great workout, plus you get to experience the tower in a more complete way!

Make time in the morning

To go about your day guild free, take some time in the morning to go through a short body workout. You should be able to do a quick workout with no equipment right there in your hotel room. Not only will it give you your daily dose of exercise, you will also feel energized to get your day started. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for quick, no equipment workouts that are perfect for those looking to stay active while on vacation!

Utilize your surroundings

No matter where you are vacationing, be sure to take advantage of what your locale has to offer. If you are vacationing at a beautiful all-inclusive resort, go for a run along the beach or use the water to your advantage and go for a swim! Or, if you are heading to Ireland, be sure to head for the cliff and trails. Additionally, no matter where you are headed, when planning your trip and deciding what sights to see and activities to do, choose some that are guaranteed to keep you moving.

Plan accommodations accordingly

If you know that you will want to get at least a couple good full workouts in while you are on vacation, be sure to plan ahead. Many hotels and alternative accommodations have on site gyms or similar fitness facilities. Before booking, be sure to ask if those are available to you. If there isn’t on at your hotel, check the surrounding area and see if there are any close to where you are staying. Depending on your gym, and where in the world you are vacationing, you may be able to use your existing gym membership at no additional cost.

Don’t feel guilty

If you are not able to keep up with your typical regimen while on vacation, don’t worry, it’s called a vacation for a reason! Take the time to relax, enjoy the sights around you, and experience something new. If you do skip a workout or opt to take it easy for the duration of your trip, don’t stress about it, relish in the break you have from work and enjoy your vacation. And remember, something is still better than nothing, so even if you do one of the tips on this list, you’ll still do your body some good!