Should I get travel insurance for a quick trip across the border?

If you live anywhere near the US/Canadian border you may be making small trips down south whenever the desire arises. Perhaps any of these events are coming up: you’ve bought concert tickets, sports tickets, have a business meeting, want to go shopping, or need to visit family in America. 

Do you really need travel insurance for a trip that lasts 1 to 3 days?

Travel insurance minimums

The minimum amount of travel time needed to secure travel insurance coverage is one day.

Because there’s this minimum in place, travel insurance can definitely fit into a small trip -- you're insurable! 

If you’re driving across the border and get into an accident that demands medical attention, you’ll be sent to an American hospital which costs a lot more than you’re prepared to pay out of the blue. Additionally, your trip will be extended; your car will be towed; you’ll be forced to face all of these burdens on your own.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How often are you going?

Though it may be harder to justify travel insurance for a small trip you’re taking once, if you’re making frequent short trips across the border to check on business affairs or family matters, an annual insurance policy may be better suited to your travelling habits.

If on your short weekend trip you were forced to stay and take care of a family member or client, you can get trip interruption coverage to payback any prepaid flights you may have to cancel or change.  

Annual multi-trip coverage

This type of annual coverage won’t only cover you for your short trips across the border, but it will take care of the planned trips you have for the entire year. This means your short trip to Boston will be covered along with your vacation trip to the Bahamas.

Once you take out this insurance, you’re automatically covered for any trip you take within 12 months, even the small ones. You just set a travel start date on your policy and you will receive continuous coverage. It’s perfect for the frequent traveller.


If you’re wondering whether you should take out an insurance policy for a tiny trip to the States, ask yourself how long and how often you’ll be going. Will you be driving or flying? Are there variables in place that may delay or cancel your trip (such as a cancelled concert, inclement weather for sports, or an ailing family member)?

Decide on whether you want to be covered for an unexpected event out of your control, and we think you’ll have your answer.