Tips for traveling with your grandkids

Travelling with your grandkids is a great way to spend some quality time with them and share a new experience together. You are able to make some memories that will last them a lifetime, and create some new traditions that they will be able to pass onto their grandkids. To help make the most of your time together, here are some helpful tips for traveling with your grandkids.

Ensure travel documents and insurance are in order

If you are leaving the province then you need to ensure that yourself and your grandkids have sufficient travel insurance coverage. For minors, some travel insurers offer free coverage when traveling with an adult. So it is a good idea to get your travel insurance first and inquire about coverage options for your little ones.

When traveling with minors it is important to have all the necessary medical information and signed permissions from their parents, especially if you are leaving the country. A good way to ensure that you have all the travel documents you need is to make a checklist for each family member.

Here is a helpful list of travel documents you may need for both yourself and your grandkids:

·      A valid passport that covers the dates you are travelling.

·      Proof of medical travel insurance.

·      A notarized medical release form for each grandkid.

·      Letter signed by both parents granting permission for you to take your grandkid across international borders, including parent’s contact information.

·      A copy of each child’s vaccination records.

·      Your driver’s license.

·      Copies of any necessary prescriptions and a letter from your family doctor to enable easy replacement if they are lost.

Plan the fun with them

Instead of taking the reigns and planning everything for them, take the time to plan your trip together with your grandkids. This way they are able to put their input in about what to do, and help shape the itinerary of the trip. Putting some of the planning responsibility on your grandkids will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see their plans come to fruition.

Enjoy some quiet time

While you want to experience as much as you can during your trip, remember to set some time aside to wind down and recharge. Even the most energetic of kids can lose their steam. It also gives you a good chance to rest before jumping back into the fun activates you have planned. If both you and your grandkids are properly rested, you will enjoy your trip just that much more.

Have on-the-go activities available while traveling

Travel time can be long and tedious for all ages, so it is a good idea to pack a few on-the-go games and activities that you can do together to pass the time. Many classic board games come in travel versions and sites like Pinterest can be a treasure trove of ideas for DIY activates. If you are on a road trip and have a van that is equipped with an entertainment system, be sure to keep some of their favorite TV shows or movies on hand for some quiet down time.

Take photos and make memories

It is important to be in the moment and enjoy your time together, but be sure to capture some photographs along the way! Taking posed, or even better, candid photos throughout the trip with give you a visual memento of your amazing time together. Years later they will be able to look back on the photos and reminisce about all the amazing memories you had on the trip.

What ever your destination, remember to laugh and have fun. Not everything may go according to plan, but it is important to make the best of it. Sometimes those mishaps along the way can make for the best memories! Focus on enjoying your time with your grandkids and making some fantastic memories that you can cherish for years to come.