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The TravelSense™ Plan

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TravelSense is a unique insurance plan offered exclusively by PrimeLink. Each policy is medically underwritten prior to your departure so its coverage can be customized to accurately reflect your personal medical history and probable travelling needs.

TravelSense insurance allows Canadians with pre-existing medical conditions to travel with confidence. Unlike typical travel insurance policies, which do not include pre-existing conditions, once approved our TravelSense plan covers any pre-existing illnesses and injuries throughout your trip. If you have a medical emergency while away from home, our plan will cover the costs you incur, even if you’re being treated for a life-long condition.

Applying for TravelSense Insurance Coverage

To obtain a TravelSense policy, complete quick a quote by answering some basic questions about yourself and your travel plans. We’ll then use your answers to craft a personalized policy that gives you the coverage you need to enjoy your trip.

TravelSense Features

  • Personalized Quotes: Get the coverage you need to travel safely and confidently.
  • No Minimum Deductible: You’re not required to pay a high deductible, even if your claim is related to a pre-existing condition.
  • Single Trips: The TravelSense plan is available for single trips only. If you are seeking an annual policy, please select our Universal plan.

When you suffer from a medical condition, temporary or chronic, making travel plans can feel daunting. What if you need to see a doctor while you’re south of the border? The stress of it can ruin your whole trip.

PrimeLink created the TravelSense plan to eliminate the unknown. We want Canadians to stop choosing between abandoning travel plans and vacationing without protection, because your trip should be fun, not the cause of anxiety. Whether you’re planning a once in a lifetime adventure or visiting your winter home for the season, we’ve got you covered.

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An Actual TravelSense™ Quote


65-year-old female with lung cancer

10 day international trip

Medically underwritten

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TravelSense policies are medically underwritten prior to your departure. They include coverage for both pre-existing conditions and illnesses and injuries suffered while travelling.

The quote you see is for a 65-year-old woman with lung cancer, who is travelling for 10 days outside of Canada. Based on her age and pre-existing condition, she will pay $101.40 for medically underwritten coverage.

The quote you receive after completing the TravelSenseapplication will depend on your own age, medical history, trip duration and destination. Each TravelSense policy is personalized to provide the coverage you need to travel worry-free.

Travel Insurance FAQs

I've heard that everyone qualifies for PrimeLink TRAVELSENSE. Is this correct? What if I've been denied before?

Not everyone will qualify for PrimeLink TRAVELSENSE, but because it is designed to individually assess your medical conditions, you are not being placed into pre-designated categories like other standard applications. It allows for tailoring the policy based on your own specific health situation. Even if you have been denied coverage before, it’s possible that we may be able to help you. For further information about qualifying please see the FAQ #5 below regarding eligibility.

I already have an existing plan with you. Is my policy changing, does this change or alter my existing coverage?

No, if you already have an existing policy with us, this doesn’t change your plan. Your existing policy confirmation letter, card and wording booklet still remains in effect. PrimeLink TRAVELSENSE is a new product that has been added to our suite of PrimeLink products.

I already have an existing plan with you. It's not PrimeLink TRAVELSENSE - do I have my pre-existing conditions covered?

PrimeLink TRAVELSENSE is a unique plan that covers fully disclosed pre-existing conditions without a stability clause. Our other products can have stability clauses. Stability clauses are based on your plan category. Please verify your personal stability limit, which are listed in your policy wording booklet. If you still have questions about your plan and your specific stability please feel free to email us at