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The Universal Plan

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The Universal plan from PrimeLink provides medical travel insurance coverage for Canadian individuals and families travelling out of province or abroad. Coverage options are flexible and can be specified based on individual needs. The plan can be used for annual coverage, or for a single trip, and can provide either medical or all inclusive protection.
PrimeLink provides competitive rates and offers discounts for domestic travel. Claims can be filed with speed and ease over the phone or by using the TravelAid mobile app.

Applying for Universal Insurance Coverage

Getting Universal travel insurance from PrimeLink is simple. You only need to answer some basic questions about yourself and your itinerary, and select the coverage you want. Once you’ve supplied your answers, you’ll receive a quote. The service is free and requires no obligation. If you have any questions you can give us a call.

Universal Features

  • Single or Annual Plans: Whether you’re going south for the winter, taking regular trips throughout the year or spending the weekend away, the Universal plan has you covered.
  • Choose Between All Inclusive or Medical: Choose which parts of your vacation you want to have covered.
  • Emergency Protection: The Universal plan covers medical conditions experienced during your travels. For a policy that covers pre-existing conditions, select our TravelSense plan.

Enjoy Your Trip

Travelling is enjoyable. Insurance isn’t. Get the latter out of the way with as little difficulty as possible so you can focus on the fun part.

The PrimeLink Universal travel insurance plan provides thorough coverage at a great rate, and takes just a few minutes to acquire. Get in, get covered and get out. Then get out there and travel with confidence, knowing we’ve got your back if something unexpected happens.

An Actual Universal Plan Quote


Two adults and two children

Seven day international trip

Emergency medical coverage

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Universal policies cover incidents that occur after you book your trip. Options include emergency medical, trip cancellation and all inclusive coverage.

This quote is for a family of four, including two adults in their 50s and two children. The policy costs $69.74, and covers emergency medical issues experienced by the family while they are outside Canada.

The quote you receive after completing the Universal insurance application will depend on your trip duration and destination. Travellers who take multiple trips within the same year can opt for an annual plan that provides continuous coverage each time their home province is left.

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