Let’s face it: smartphone apps make many mundane things simple.

With the touch of a screen, humans everywhere can enjoy a type of convenience unavailable in past generations. We want some food? We can tap-tap-tap and get it delivered by bike courier. We want a ride from our house, to the airport, to stay at some wonderful bed & breakfast across the ocean? Tap-tap-tap; we’re there.

But what if we want to file a claim after one of our kids falls ill while we’re on that gorgeous trip abroad? Tap-tap-tap on the always-available TravelAid™mobile app, and our claim has begun before we have even returned home.

It’s travel insurance support, but mobile

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access one of the most important aspects of your trip without having to call anyone or wait on hold?

Travel insurance coverage relies on quick communication between both the client and the insurance company. This is so that claims details are accurate and up-to-date, and so that any bills can be followed and measured in a timely manner.

Downloading a travel insurance apps takes the back-and-forth out of the claims process to help you focus on your surroundings and anything that may be ongoing when you’re away from home. It can also act as a safety net, giving you practical travel tips and immediate support in the event of an emergency.

TravelAid™ can help when you need it most

In an effort to make your claims process as smooth as possible, PrimeLink offers Active Care Management’s (ACM) TravelAid™ mobile app to its valued customers.

The TravelAid™ app travels with you, wherever you go. You’re able to conveniently keep track of your policy type and its provisions and restrictions, and, the app will notify you of any travel advisories or updates particular to your destination.

Your perfect travel companion

This app was made with you, the client in mind, attempting to resolve some of the most common obstacles associated with travel.

The mobile TravelAid™ app is a resource for local emergency phone numbers such as ambulance, police, and fire services; depending on your location, these numbers are not a universal “911”. The app also maps out the nearest medical facility so you can get to support as soon as possible.

And perhaps best of all, the app allows you to start your travel insurance claim as soon as you need to, helping you avoid the phone calls and paperwork while you’re still abroad. Filing your claims on-the-go ensures you get everything taken care of so you can continue your trip without hassle.

Download the TravelAid™ app today

As a PrimeLink customer, you can download the TravelAid™ mobile app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

No matter where your travels take you, bring TravelAid™ along. PrimeLink aims to help you get the fastest travel insurance service available through this unique offering. Its convenience is one of the many reasons customers call our service “quick and painless.”