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Why do you need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to pay for unexpected costs that may arise when you are travelling. These can include emergency hospital/medical costs, trip cancellation and lost baggage.

Travel accident insurance vs. travel medical insurance?

Travel accident insurance coverage provides a predetermined lump sum in the event of a specific injury or death as a result of an accident only when travelling. Most credit card companies have done away with emergency travel medical insurance and replaced it with travel accident insurance.

Why buy a policy based on coverage, not on price?

It is natural for us to shop around for the best price. We are always looking for the best value. Tell the truth, provide a full medical disclosure, and get responsible coverage.

I already have employee benefits, why would I need more coverage?

Employee benefits sometimes contain co-pay clauses, high deductibles, or exclusions that can reduce/limit your travel insurance. Read the fine print. It is often necessary to have coverage that supplements your group benefits.

Doesn't my government health insurance cover me while outside of my province of residence?

Your provincial health insurance plan will only cover certain amounts if you have an emergency outside of your province of residence which could leave you with out-of-pocket expenses. Even travelling out-of-your province of residence within Canada, you may have to pay additional amounts.

Is there a limit on how long I can travel outside of my home province (or Canada)?

After 212 days (for Ontario residents), 153 days (for Newfoundland residents) or 183 days (elsewhere in Canada); your government health insurance will cease unless you have prior approval to have your government health insurance extended. Most travel insurance will not cover you beyond this maximum allowable travel period. Be sure to confirm that your coverage will continue for the full duration that you wish to travel.

Are there exclusions that pertain to specific activities?

If you participate in sports when you travel, ensure you read your policy. All policies have exclusions and limitations on coverage for certain athletic activities. Some policies will exclude coverage for sports such as scuba diving, bodily contact sports, races or speed contests, even for amateurs!

Are there fees when purchasing travel insurance?

When purchased online, there are no further costs to yourself other than the premium and taxes (if applicable) for your travel insurance. If you prefer to speak to one of our licensed representatives, there will be an additional $15 charge per call. If you purchase more than one policy during the same transaction, this fee will only be charged once.

Quotes are valid for how long?

PrimeLink quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of request.

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I've heard that everyone qualifies for PrimeLink TravelSense™. Is this correct? What if I've been denied before?

Not everyone will qualify for PrimeLink TravelSense, but because it is designed to individually assess your medical conditions, you are not being placed into pre-designated categories like other standard applications. It allows for tailoring the policy based on your own specific health situation. Even if you have been denied coverage before, it’s possible that we may be able to help you. For further information about qualifying please see the FAQ #5 below regarding eligibility.

I already have an existing plan with you. Is my policy changing, does this change or alter my existing coverage?

No, if you already have an existing policy with us, this doesn’t change your plan. Your existing policy confirmation letter, card and wording booklet still remains in effect. PrimeLink TravelSense is a new product that has been added to our suite of PrimeLink products.

I already have an existing plan with you. It's not PrimeLink TravelSense™ - do I have my pre-existing conditions covered?

PrimeLink TravelSense is a unique plan that covers fully disclosed pre-existing conditions without a stability clause. Our other products can have stability clauses. Stability clauses are based on your plan category. Please verify your personal stability limit, which are listed in your policy wording booklet. If you still have questions about your plan and your specific stability please feel free to email us at

Are there eligibility questions?

Employee benefits sometimes contain co-pay clauses, high deductibles, or exclusions that can reduce/limit your travel insurance. Read the fine print. It is often necessary to have coverage that supplements your group benefits.

Yes, as with most travel insurance companies there are eligibility questions. If your medical conditions allow you to say no to the following questions then you can proceed with the application process. If you do say yes to an eligibility question we’re unable to proceed with your application.

Eligibility Questions

  • Are you travelling contrary to medical advice?
  • Are you awaiting investigative testing or treatment of an unresolved condition? Reference to testing, tests, test results, or investigations excludes genetic tests*.
  • Do you require kidney dialysis?
  • In the past 12 months, have you used or been prescribed home oxygen for a lung condition?
  • Have you ever had, or are you awaiting a stem cell, organ or bone marrow transplant?
  • Do you have a terminal illness for which a physician has estimated you have less than 6 months to live?
  • Do you have metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread from the original site to another place in your body)?

*Genetic Test means a test that analyzes DNA, RNA or chromosomes for purposes such as the prediction of disease or vertical transmission risks, or monitoring, diagnosis or prognosis.

What other questions will I be asked?

Once you’ve gone through the eligibility questions, we’ll then take you through some additional questions that are geared to help trigger you to remember your medical conditions. We will then ask you to list your medical conditions for us. It is imperative that you fully disclose all of your conditions to us. Failure to disclose your conditions could result in your policy being void.

What if my conditions change after I buy the policy?

Declared conditions must be accurate at the time of departure. If a change occurs between application date and your departure, you’re required to call us and advise us of the change.

Do you offer annual plans?

Currently, annual plans are not available on PrimeLink TravelSense, however they are coming soon. In the meantime, we do offer another annual policy plan, PrimeLink Universal that might meet your needs. If you want us to notify you when we have a PrimeLink TravelSense Annual Plan please feel free to send us your contact information by email to:

I'm interested in getting a quote. What do I do?

Please feel free to call our licensed broker team at 1-877-884-8086. Or you’re welcome to apply online at our website.

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I have pre-existing conditions and have been turned down by other insurers for travel insurance. How can TravelSense™ provide me travel insurance coverage when other insurance carriers would not?

A TravelSense policy is based solely on your health condition. Our licensed brokers take you step-by-step through the plain language application. All you have to do is fully disclose your pre-existing conditions. A policy is then written to cover those conditions. Please note: eligibility is subject to meeting terms and conditions.

Is signing up for TravelSense™ a long, complicated process?

No. The TravelSense application is easy to understand, plain language. Our licensed brokers walk you through our eligibility questions, and are ready to answer any questions you may have along the way.

What if I just take the chance and not disclose my pre-existing condition? I'll still have coverage for any other medical situation that might arise, right?

No. In order to be fully covered, you must fully disclose your pre-existing conditions.

Sometimes, people who have their pre-existing conditions under control believe they won’t have any impact on an upcoming trip. But there’s no hedging with any type of insurance – in order to be covered, you have to fully disclose your pre-existing conditions and the medications you’re taking.

What if I just took a chance and didn't buy travel insurance?

Most Canadians travelling in the United States may not realize that the costs of health care in the U.S. are much higher than in Canada. Your provincial health plan offers some help with medical care, but it’s only $400 a day for in hospital care. Which leaves the rest of the bill to the customer, or their insurance company if they are properly insured.

But do you know how much higher?

  • A visit to a walk-in clinic for a sinus infection can run $200.
  • A visit to the same walk-in clinic with an upset stomach – and the attendant lab tests – will cost upwards of $1,650.
  • Cost of an appendectomy? In the neighbourhood of $24,000.
  • Treatment for a broken leg: up to $50,000.
  • Treatment for a stroke: $65,000 to $90,000.
  • A cardiac episode with a stent? You’re looking at $65,000 to $135,000.

Bills from an unforeseen medical emergency in the U.S. could mean the loss of your home, savings and other assets.

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